Services We Provide

Income Property Management

We have a complete accounting staff in our main office that handles the accounts payable and receivable. At the end of each month a complete financial statement and narrative package is provided to the owner of each property.

Budget Preparation

Dunmire Property Management, Inc. uses previous history, our expertise and owner input to prepare a budget detailing the income and expense goals for the year. Each property is managed to this budget and expenses are carefully monitored.

Management Planning

A long term management plan is prepared for each property using information obtained from a unit-by-unit inspection, cost comparisons, the owner's goals and our observations and recommendations. This plan defines problems and solutions and directs everyone towards a common goal.


We adapt our marketing strategy to the prevailing market conditions. We rely heavily on Internet marketing, magazines, direct marketing and referrals from our current residents. Locating Services provide referrals to our properties as well. Having a great relationship with our local military bases also provides us with the upper hand.

Property Consultation

Dunmire Property Management provides consulting services to apartment community and commercial building owners. These services include gathering and evaluating information, providing opinions and solutions based on our experience, training, and implementation of our procedures and techniques. Fees are determined by the complexity of the project and a written agreement is signed before work begins.


Our team will undertake the entire task of finding refinancing for the property, i.e., finding a lender, preparing the loan package, obtaining and providing all required documents and following through to closing. This will require a separate fee agreement.

Other Tasks

Other tasks outside the scope of our management agreement are also available. Fees are determined by the complexity of the project, and a written agreement is signed before work begins

Insurance - Master Policy

Dunmire has a master policy that can save each client a substantial amount of money.