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Prospect Park

This is a great place to live and the more Barbara Brown is wonderful and caring to your needs.

Fairway View

Bigger apartment than you get for the price at most places. Dog friendly, which is hard to find now. Jennifer went out of her way getting us into the apartment when we first moved back to Colorado Springs. It's hard to find an apartment here, because people don't want to move out. The resident's are friendly. We have an upstairs neighbor that is cool, and we never hear him, which is awesome in an apartment.

Fairway View

I have lived at this community for 6 years. Jennifer has been the most caring soul since day one. Dunmire, has never not been there for the residents at times of need. Every year we get Christmas gifts. This year they are out doing themselves to help. I made a wish list of things that I could use for my pets and food. I want people to know, if you want a place to call home and feel like someone actually cares about you, them visit Fairway View Apartments. You will FEEL wanted as a person and NOT just a resident!

We support our first responders and military!

To show our appreciation to all our first responders – who work to keep each of us and our communities safe – we are offering $0.00 Application Fees! Thank you for all you do! We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

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