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Leasing Guidelines

We Comply With All Fair Housing Guidelines

All application decisions are made at the corporate office of Dunmire Property Management, where we are disengaged from the applicant and can remain objective. This along with the criteria listed below are what we base our decisions on. It will ensure that our decisions are made fairly, and without discrimination.

Application Guidelines For Dunmire Properties

  • Please provide two forms of I.D.; at least one must be a picture I.D.
  • There is a $35.00/$40.00 application fee for each applicant
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age to apply, qualify, and sign the lease

Credit Reports

Experian Credit report inquiries are done through AppFolio, Inc.
50 Castilian Dr. Santa Barbara, CA. 93117 866-648-1536 www.appfolio.com/consumer

  • Educational and medical bills are not held against applicant
  • Bankruptcy not discharged WILL NOT be considered
  • Foreclosure will not automatically deny applicant-consideration of credit status
  • Applicant may be denied if debt involves another apartment complex, individual ownership, private housing or other living accommodations.

Occupancy Criteria

  • Dunmire Property Management, Inc. complies with Fair Housing Occupancy Policy.

    Efficiency Apartment= 2 Persons-MAX

    1 Bedroom Apartment = 3 Persons-MAX

    2 Bedroom Apartment = 5 Persons-MAX

    3 Bedroom Apartment = 6 Persons-MAX

    **May vary depending on property**

Criminal Record

**ANY criminal activity is cause for denial, depending on the severity**

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation

First Advantage Saferent

Income/Employment Qualifications

  • 2.5 to 3 times the rental amount.
  • Must provide current paystub.
  • Income from Social Security, Pensions, etc. must be verifiable.
  • Must provide two current paystubs
  • If self-employed we will require a copy of the previous year's tax return or w-2 forms.
  • **Some exceptions may apply**

Rental History

  • 6 months valid, verifiable rental history of either a written lease or month to month agreement.
  • Evictions for non-payment of rent 3 years or older will not automatically deny applicant.
  • **Some exceptions may apply**


  • Monthly income must be equivalent to 3 times the rental rate.
  • Co-Signers MUST have exemplary credit, no criminal record and meet all requirements.


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