Professional Management Services
Located in Colorado Springs

info@dunmire.net     +1 719 591 8258

Company Strengths

  • We do not own any of our own properties.
  • We are strictly fee management and therefore no conflict of interest.
  • Dedicated, flexible and innovative.
  • Custom written program for computers.
  • Exclusive marketing contract for accommodations on Fort Carson.
  • Internal credit manager to process applications for prospects.
  • Application of same principals to any type of property.
  • Ability to think outside the box.
  • No set up fees or renovation fees (except by separate agreement).
  • Longevity of employees.
  • Decisions are made quickly.
  • Master Insurance policy.
  • Well versed in financing and relationships with Lenders, Appraisers and Brokers.
  • Long term client list.
  • Preferred vendors and discounts.
  • Can handle renovation projects.
  • Value added management with the ability to determine and implement short term or long term goals.
  • Excellent reputation.

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